Using Curl Junkie in Low Dew Points

I have been receiving a lot of questions on this topic and thought it would be a good idea to blog a bit on it. For those who don't know what their dew points are, you can check out: and for an easy way to find out and see the relationship between temperature, relative humidity, and dew points.

In low dew points, for hair types that are sensitive to this, the best Curl Junkie products to check out are:

1)Daily Fix
2)Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix - this works best for me in low dews!
3)Curl Rehab
4)Smoothing Conditioner
5)Pattern Pusha
6)Curls in a Bottle!
7)Curl Queen Leave-In

For a Protein Treatment try:
1)Repair Me!
2)Strengthening Conditioner

A customer just recommended a combo that actually works really well! Try:
1)Daily Fix - to cleanse
2)Strengthening Conditioner - as a rinse out conditioner
3)Beauticurls Leave-in - as your leave-in
4)Curls in a Bottle! - for hold and shine

Another reliable Combo to try is Pattern Pusha & Curls in a Bottle! (50/50) for boosted hold & shine.

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