FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Do/can your products alter my natural hair pattern?

 No, these products to not contain any "caustic" ingredients which would be necessary to change your hair pattern. What the products can do is help you reach your hair's potential by providing gentle cleansing, moisture and styling definition.


Are your products "all-natural"?

 Our products are not made from pre-made bases, so we have more control over what we put in them. Our products are not tested on animals. We do not test on animals and we try to source from those who have not though we cannot guarantee that in the past they have not tested on animals. While we strive to use as many "natural" ingredients as possible, we do use "artificial" ingredients when necessary. When an artificial ingredient is used, it is gentle and as non-irritating as possible, is usually vegetable derived, and is used to help the product achieve its potential. Ingredients such as Carbomer (a thickener in gels) and Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (our main paraben free preservative system-to help products pass testing so bacterial/fungal baddies can be assured to be kept to a minimum! Our products are tested to be good at least 12 months after opening.) are examples of these ingredients. Very few "all-natural" products are 100% natural and unprocessed...even things like emulsifying wax and vegetable wax can have emulsifying agents incorporated in them that are not "natural" although they may be very gentle.


How can we reach someone?

Customer Service can be reached via email. Go to our Contact Us page for details. Someone will respond to your submission usually within a few hours or 1 business day. Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am EST thru 4pm EST unless otherwise posted.


Are samples of your products available?

Yes! We have small, single-use, .3-.45oz sample sets available for purchase. Check out our sample sets page!


Do you use preservatives in your products?

Yes, we have found that this is a necessary ingredient in order to help ensure that your products will have a decent shelf life and pass necessary testing to ensure that the bacterial/fungal nasties are kept to a minimum. We do not use parabens as preservatives. Products should be used within a 12-month period although some products may last longer. To help prolong the life you're your products, try to keep products in a cool place, sealed when not in use, and free of excess water. Try not to add anything to the products as it may upset the preservative balance and encourage bacterial growth.


Do you use sulfates in your shampoos?

No, absolutely not. We've found them to be a bit harsh on the hair and yet certain types of sulfate-free cleansers have been known to strip color. So while sulfate-free doesn't necessarily mean that it's gentler, we've come up with a shampoo that seems to work beautifully. I've searched for the gentlest surfactants that are still effective enough to get the job done for most people and provide a clean base for your other products. You could even use it every day if you wanted (although most people would do best with once every 2-3 days or once per week depending on your routine).


Do you use fragrances in your products?

Yes, however they are kept to a minimum and do fade fairly quickly.


Do you use silicones or heavy waxes in your products?

Our Curls in a Bottle! and Honey Butta contain a silicone (Dimethicone PEG-8 Benzoate-helps provide excellent sheen and slip) however it is minimal (less than 1%) and it is a water-soluble form of Dimethicone and should therefore not pose any problems if you are on a conditioner wash only routine. Our products do not contain any fillers, lanolin, paraffin, petroleum, mineral oil, animal products or artificial colors.


My hair is straight; can I use your products?

Absolutely! Just note that the conditioners are probably more moisturizing than you may be used to, so you should either use less or use products recommended for fine hair.


Can I use your products on relaxed hair?

Sure, especially the Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix(tm), the Curl Assurance(tm) Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner, and Curl Assurance Gentle Cleansing Shampoo.


Do you use any animal products?

 Outside of Keratin, Honey and Silk, the majority of our ingredients are not from animal sources and are naturally derived. As far as finished products, Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix (& Honey Butta), Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner, and Repair Me would NOT be considered Vegan.


Do you have protein-free items?

Yes, Pattern Pusha(tm), Curl Queen Leave-in(tm), Curl Assurance(tm) Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner, Curl Assurance (tm) Smoothing Lotion, Curls in a Bottle!(tm), and Curl Rehab(tm), are protein-free.


Do you have glycerin-free items?

Yes, Curl Rehab(tm), Pattern Pusha (tm), Curls in a Bottle!(tm), Curl Queen(tm) leave-in, and are glycerin-free. The Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix(tm) conditioner and Curl Assurance(tm) Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner only have a minimal amount of glycerin and would also be fine.


Can I use these products on my child's hair?

Yes, but since a child's scalp is more sensitive, we recommend you use the products with the least amount of essential oils (since some people do have sensitivities to these oils) added. Also we suggest that you do not use the products on very young children (ages 5 and up is best) and you conduct a patch test just to be safe.

I have an allergy to one or more of the ingredients (shea butter, essential oils) you use, is there enough in the products to cause a reaction? Should I use the products?

It's best that you do not use the products since the amount of an ingredient that can cause a reaction varies per person and there's no way to tell in advance, and there are no returns on opened/used products or if you still want to try a product, be sure to conduct a patch test first.


My hair is very frizzy & dry, can the products help me?

It's really a matter of managing expectations. The products can help to cut down some frizz (mainly through moisturization), but we cannot promise that it will get rid of all the frizz, as sometimes, this is part of your hair's natural texture.


I'm growing out a relaxer from my hair and have two textures, what products should I use?

You should probably wait until you have enough new growth to see what your natural pattern is. From there, select the products which best fit your hair pattern knowing that the products cannot create a curl/coil pattern in the part of your hair that is straightened by the relaxer.


My hair is very thick, dry, frizzy and unmanageable, will your products help?

Yes, the products can help (by adding moisture and a bit of control), but it really depends on the state of your hair. Make sure that you get regular cuts/trims, that you deep condition regularly and if necessary, consider getting a haircut that can help to reduce the bulk in your hair. Sometimes products alone are not sufficient.


Do your products work on Jheri curls/Wave Nouveaus?

We recommend that you use the products (from other lines) that are made for this type of chemically treated hair. Our products were not formulated to be used with these hair types. Those with texturized hair can use the products.


Do you have a printed catalog available?

All of the information on our products is available online.